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superintendent's Message:
Dr. Steven Adamowski

Dr. Adamowski
Dear Norwalk Families and Community Members,

I am pleased to submit our recommended budget for the 2018-19 school year for the Norwalk Public Schools.  The FY 2018-19-budget request is comprised of three distinct components:

  • A foundation budget increase of $4.6 million or 2.5% to cover the cost of labor contract settlements, health insurance increase, transportation, staffing and other contractual increases, including technology-related items;

  • A program improvement appropriation of $5.2 million or 2.8% necessary to implement high-priority educational initiatives outlined in the Strategic Operating Plan;

  • SPED Development Fund initiatives for Year 3 totaling $1.2 million or .65%, anticipated to be funded from a separate, special City appropriation.

The recommended budget is designed to fund the priority implementation steps for FY 2018-19 that the Board laid out in the Strategic Operating Plan.  The Strategic Operating Plan is an ambitious plan designed to raise the bar and close the gaps.  The budget goals that are laid out for the 2018-19 school year include the following seven priorities:

  1. Provide program support for the additional students who have elected to enroll in the District’s Choice (magnet) Programs;

  2. Increase the high school per pupil expenditure in order to eliminate study halls, as part of three-year plan to increase the breadth and depth of the high school program of study and to position the district to implement a 26 credit graduation requirement at our high schools.

  3. Transfer the remaining portion of K-3 classroom teachers and other salary adjustments from State and Federal grants to the local budget as required.

  4. Add a fourth “Specials” teacher at 6 elementary schools, which will allow the District to begin phase-in implementation of the contractual agreement regarding a normal elementary school day;

  5. Add an additional school day to the calendar and an additional 30 minutes to the elementary school day;

  6. Implement a Music Pilot program to begin instruction in band instruments at Grade 4 & 5 at 3 elementary schools;

  7. Incorporate a special enrollment appropriation for English Language Learners that funds a 30% per pupil supplement for the growing number of English Language Learners.

To read more, click here.  

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