Weather Decisions

Weather Decisions
Posted on 12/09/2016

With winter around the corner, Norwalk Public Schools wants to remind everyone of our procedures for school closings, delays, early dismissals and after-school programming cancellations due to snow or inclement weather.

Much research and thought goes into making weather-related decisions. For more information on how decisions are made, see the enclosed letter from Dr. Frank Costanzo, Chief of School Operations:  

2016-17 Weather Letter from Dr. Costanzo 

Decisiones de Inclemencias del Tiempo

Dr. Costanzo plans to call all decisions on the school day by 5:30AM. In cases where a large storm is predicted with little doubt in the forecast, we will try to make a decision by 8:00PM the night before.  However, please understand that this is not always possible. Depending on the weather conditions and forecast, that decision could result in the following: 

  1. Delay:  All delays are two hours in duration. This consistency will simplify the process. 
  2. Closure: All schools are closed for the day. After-school activities are cancelled. 
  3. Early Dismissal:  Schools open on time, but will end earlier than the regular school day end time.   Additionally all after-school programs are cancelled. Early dismissals will be called by 10 am.
  4. After-school cancellation: School opens and ends at the regular time but all after-school programs are cancelled. 


  • On days of late openings, morning preschool sessions will be cancelled. In the event of an early dismissal, afternoon preschool sessions will be closed.

  • Full day preschools will follow the same delay and opening schedules as the schools where they are located.

School delays, closures, early dismissals and after-school cancellations are communicated in the following places: 

  • Our automated School Messenger phone and text message system

  • NPS Info Line recording: (203) 854-4123

  • Local TV, radio and online media outlets, including:  The Hour (, Cablevision News 12, WTNH Channel 8, WICC 600 AM, WFAS 1230 AM/103.9 FM, WDAQ 98.3 FM, WNLK 1350 AM, WSTC 1400 AM, WSHU 1260 AM/91.1 FM, CTWeather. com 

To ensure the information you receive is accurate, we encourage all families to rely on official sources.

On days when weather may impact the school day, we ask that parents and guardians check these sources frequently for information. Although rare, changing conditions may require that a delay is changed to a cancellation, or that an early dismissal is called after the school day begins. Every effort will be made to avoid changes, but there are times when it cannot be avoided.

We know that school closings, delays and early dismissals can be a challenge for families and staff. Our first priority will be our community's safety. With that said, we believe in the importance of maximizing instructional time for our students.

Any school days closed for inclement weather will be made up after Friday, June 9, 2016, currently the last day of the school year.