Start With Hello Week Kicks Off At Norwalk Public Schools

Start With Hello Week Kicks Off At Norwalk Public Schools
Posted on 09/27/2018
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Throughout this week Norwalk Public Schools is joining 13,000 schools across the country participating in the Sandy Hook Promise “Start With Hello” program.  Developed by family members who were impacted in the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, this program enables students to make a difference with their peers in a simple, fun, and impactful way to promote connectedness and inclusion.


NPS students across all grade levels will take part in programming at their individual schools. Activities and lessons include small but powerful actions to identify and help others who are showing signs of social isolation. A growing epidemic in the United States, social isolation is the overwhelming feeling of being left out, lonely, or treated like you are invisible.


Many schools will emphasize the importance of saying hello during the morning announcements including greeting students in several different languages throughout the week. Other school activities include having a student “greeter” stand at the door to say hello to their peers in the morning, creating “Say Hello” posters in art class, encouraging students to give a compliment, or placing a positive note on someone’s locker. At the high school level, students will participate in lessons based on stories of social isolation and “in my shoes” scenarios, fostering skills necessary to develop into empathetic and responsible members of society.


In October, Norwalk Public Schools will be celebrating bullying awareness and prevention month. Parents, educators and administrators will continue to work together to raise awareness, and to promote a positive culture that eliminates bullying through activities held at individual schools.