Academically Talented

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Welcome to the Academically Talented Department

Norwalk Public Schools are committed to educating our children to their highest potential, affirming that outstanding talents are present in children and youth from all cultural groups and across all economic strata. The Academically Talented Program emphasizes a differentiated Humanities curriculum for students who demonstrate academic talent. The program offers opportunities for peer groups to challenge and learn from one another and develops a desire for excellence and a sense of individual responsibility to the school community and to a changing society.


The Academically Talented Program in Norwalk services selected students in third through eighth grade. In grades 3-5, students are pulled out of classes to receive small group instruction. In middle school, students receive 45 minutes of instruction with their Academically Talented peers. Students experience a different subject each quarter, covering Mathematics, Arts and Humanities, Science, and Language Arts.


The goals of the Academically Talented Program are:

1. To engage in a curriculum of depth and breadth that will stimulate critical thinking, develop comprehension of complex concepts, and give emphasis to the connections within, between, and across disciplines.

2. To involve academically talented students in challenging learning experiences that are not ordinarily included in the general classroom and afford them the opportunity to engage in intellectual stimulation from contact with other highly motivated students. 

3. To create a learning atmosphere that will enable the academically talented child to develop critical thinking, creative thinking, and communications skills (visual, oral, written).

4. To assist students in becoming independent learners who are able to take self-initiated action, accept responsibility for that action, and make intelligent choices.