Health Assessment Information

Health Assessment Information


Periodic health assessments are required of all students in the Norwalk Public Schools.  Findings must be recorded on the “State of Connecticut Department of Education Health Assessment Record.”  Student health assessments are required upon entry to the NPS system, kindergarten, grade 6, and grade 9.   In addition, students participating in interscholastic sports must have a health assessment annually.

New enterers and kindergarteners must have a complete health assessment (denoting immunization compliance and a current TB risk assessment) on file in the school nurse office before they may attend school.  Grade 6 health assessments are due to the school nurse by October 1st and grade 9 health assessments are due by October 15th.  If you have any questions regarding mandatory health assessments, please call your school nurse.

Health Assessment BOE POLICY 5141.3
New Student - Health Requirement 2017-18