District Health & Wellness Committee

The Committee will convene at least quarterly each school year, and will follow federal and state regulation for School Wellness Advisory Committees. The Committee's responsibilities are to include:

Conducting an annual review of the district-wide policies to promote student wellness, and recommending district-wide policies or revisions, as needed;

Creating and implementing a Health and Wellness Action Plan each year including timelines, processes, goals and school-based activities designed to promote student and staff wellness based on the results of the district's annual assessments;

Providing guidance for the implementation of district-level policies related to wellness;

Assisting district officials in the evaluation of the district's Wellness Policy and schools' wellness initiatives, including the development and delivery of assessment tools;

Collecting and sharing information about wellness programs and services;

Reporting on progress towards committee goals, objectives, policies, monitoring and evaluation of Health and Wellness Policy implementation at least once every three years (triennially);

Working closely with district officials to ensure that appropriate communication of the Wellness Policy, revisions, and progress reports are provided to the public.