2017 Summer Reading

The Summer Game

The importance of reading during the summer cannot be emphasized enough. We encourage students to read as many books this summer, fiction as well as nonfiction or informational. Just like practicing swimming, baseball, dance, or playing an instrument, it is important to practice good reading skills over the summer.

Students will receive badges, raffle tickets, and prizes for their participation. Imagine being rewarded for having so much summer fun! Please refer to the following guidelines for participation in the summer reading experience:

Starting June 11, students should go 
online and enter an email address so the library can contact them should they win a raffle prize. Then, each time they read a book, students should go online and enter the title of the book and press enter. It's that easy! When they read a book, they go up a level in the game and will receive a badge and a raffle ticket when they visit the library. They can even do some of the challenges that are listed to receive more raffle tickets (write a book review, take a selfie while reading a book, etc.)

The game ends on August 30 and raffle prizes will be awarded!

Students can choose books on the suggested Summer Reading Lists below, or they can choose their own books.

Links to Summer Reading Lists:

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Be In It To Win It