NPS Students To Participate In National History Day Competition

NPS Students To Participate In National History Day Competition
Posted on 03/21/2019
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Seventy students from across the district are gearing up to participate in the National History Day Regional Competition in Fairfield on April 6. National History Day is a program for students in grades 6-12 that encourages exploration of local, state, national and world history. This is the first time that Norwalk Public Schools is participating in this competition.


Students conducted extensive research on a historical topic and then created a final project to demonstrate their work. Professional historians and educators at the upcoming National History Day event will evaluate these projects.


2019 Day History Day Students:

West Rocks

Nathan Hale

Columbus Magnet School

Anika Amann

Eloise Strabley

Ava Massucco

Alecia Cameron

Conrad Pinto

Vivien Ryen

Jannatul Mina


Nihaal Kochar

Clare Bonasera

William Traub

Victoria Perez

Kyle Nashe

Hannah Morin

Maren Gilchrist

John Welch

Kalina Zapert

Sabrina Smith

Shirley Lin

Stella Sweitzer

Raniah Imran

Nuha Khan

Erin Reichman

Ava Ryen

William Butler

Vincent Mola

Ella Schweizer

Amanjot Kaur

Ponus Ridge

Massimo Ruffo

Alexandria Adam

Aaron DeHaemer

Om Padhiyar

Arav Amin

Samantha Pullia

Mia Karlehag

Elisabeth Mastrota

Nyelle Gogarty

Isabella Chimento

MC Rivera

Emily Legere

Hailey Mario

Julia Wayland

Lorenzo Dinglasan

Sean Bryne

Cadey Mettler

Emily Lupinacci

Kate Paradise

Laszlo Balazs

Sandra Andronic

Zach Go

Phoebe Patrick

Mia Schlager

James Bergin

Laley Gerster

Camila Chaves

Amaya Acevedo

Ryan Turnbull

Chris Mahanna

Grace Blackwell

Gabriela Peralta

Anna Nelson

Matthew Rinaldi

Georgia Gushue

Devon Small

Nicole Campos

Ayden Navarro

James Bickle

Hunter Jacobson

Emma Mueller

Kennedy Ferdinand

Rosie Strickland



The largest NHD program is the National History Day Contest that encourages more than half a million students around the world to conduct historical research on a topic of their choice. Students enter these projects at the local and affiliate levels, with top students advancing to the National Contest at the University of Maryland at College Park.


In line with the Strategic Operating Plan, NPS continues to expand engagement in academic competitions and programs such as National History Day and National Read Across America Day. These opportunities are presented to all students through each child’s individual school. In addition, schools can also choose to participate in a variety of regional, state, and national competitions and events.