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Acceptable Use

Book                              Policy Manual


Section                          6000 - Instruction


Title                               Telecommunications/Internet: ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY


Code                              6141.323.04


Status                           Active


Adopted                         January 6, 1998





The Norwalk Board of Education believes in the educational value of electronic communications and recognizes their potential to support the Board’s educational program. Resource sharing and communication for both students and teachers have increased with access to telecommunications and to the Internet. It is imperative that members of the school community conduct themselves in a responsible manner consistent with federal and state law while utilizing the Internet and any other electronic information retrieval system.


Guidelines for General Use


With increased access to information from various sources via computers comes that availability of material that may not have any educational value in the context of the school setting. The Board recognizes the importance of the exercise of individual judgment in accessing information through the Internet and any other electronic information retrieval system for educational purposes. In the exercise of such judgment, however, the following guidelines should be followed:

  1. Access to the Internet or to any other electronic information retrieval system in a privilege, not a right. Accordingly, such access is given only to those individuals who agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner and agree to comply with Board policies and procedures.


  1. All uses of the Internet or any electronic information retrieval service or any telecommunications network must be supportive or educational objectives and research and must be consistent with academic expectations.


  1. Any electronic mail shall be used only by the authorized owner of the account. All account owners are ultimately responsible for activity under their account.


  1. All electronic mail systems and electronic information retrieval systems in use in the district are the sole property of the Board and are provided solely for the purpose of carrying out the educational and operational needs of the Board.


  1. Any use of electronic mail or information systems inconsistent with this purpose, including personal use, is prohibited. The Board reserves the right to monitor the use of such systems in order to insure compliance with these guidelines.


  1. Any use of the Board’s computer system, Email systems, the Internet or other electronic informational retrieval systems for illegal or inappropriate purposes or for accessing material that is objectionable in the school environment, including vulgar or obscene material, is prohibited.


  1. Any use of these electronic systems for commercial purposes, financial gain, or solicitation is prohibited.


  1. The transmission of any copyrighted or legally protected material over such electronic systems is prohibited.


  1. The transmission of abusive, harassing, threatening, intimidating, obscene or vulgar material or language is prohibited. The user is expected to be polite and courteous while using such systems.


  1. Any attempt to harm or destroy date or another user or engage in acts of vandalism will not be tolerated.


  1. Violations of this policy may result in revocation of access to and privileges relating to the Internet or any electronic mail or information retrieval systems. Violations of this policy by a student may result in disciplinary action, up to and including suspension and/or expulsion. In the case of any breach of this policy by an employee, such disciplinary action may include discharge.


  1. The Superintendent of Schools will appoint one administrator to serve as the Board’s “Internet Administrator”, who will be responsible for implementing this policy, establishing procedures, and supervising access privileges.