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Educational Equity

Dr. Edward Fergus, Associate Professor of Urban Education and Policy, and Director, Disproportionality and Equity Lab, with the Temple University research team, conducted a fourmonth examination of community and school staff perception of educational equity experiences and needs at Norwalk Public Schools (NPS). The project involved gathering data via survey and focus groups with staff, students, and parents and community members. The Temple University research team commenced the project in late September 2020 and concluded data collection in mid-December 2020. We gathered surveys from nearly 1,900 parents and community members and 320 school staff, and conducted over 35 focus groups and 20 interviews with nearly 140 parents and community members, 17 school administrators, and 40 school staff.

Please click here to view the Norwalk Equity Report: Community and Staff Perception of Diversity and Inclusion

To view the Presentation on Equity in NPS, please click here