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In-School Covid Testing

In collaboration with Progressive Diagnostics, NPS will offer PCR testing for all NPS students.

Research shows that school-based screening testing helps to identify cases sooner, rather than waiting for symptoms to develop. 

Progressive Diagnostics will offer free testing once a week at each school to all students, not exhibiting any Covid-related symptoms, with parental consent.

Eligibility Requirements

This weekly testing program is federally funded. Their current eligibility requirements can be found by clicking here. 

Consent Forms

Consent forms can be accessed by clicking here. Schools will not be responsible for selecting students to participate in this program. Parents interested in having their student participate may submit the form electronically.


The test is a non-invasive swabbing of the lower nostrils (no “brain tickling”) and takes only a few seconds to collect.


Results will be available to parents within 24 hours via a HIPAA compliant online portal.

As we work together to keep our students and staff safe, please continue to keep your student home if they aren’t feeling well, or exhibiting any Covid symptoms. For additional information regarding Progressive school testing click here