Parent Handbooks & Guides

Dear Parents and Guardians1

The Norwalk Public Schools Specialized Learning and Student Services Department 2 has made a commitment of establishing a practice whereby parents are recognized as integral members in the development of their child’s educational experience.  Our mission is to work to develop a strong partnership among professional staff, parents and students in order to identify, build consensus, and implement the best educational practices which will result in improved student learning.  Parents of children with special needs should be well informed, have access to various resources, and recognize that their child’s needs may change during their academic and social development.  Trust is implicit in this process as we all work together to support the needs of your children.

This Special Education Handbook for Parents has been a collaborative effort between the Norwalk Public School Specialized Learning and Student Services Department staff and a group of parent volunteers.  This handbook was developed to help explain the special education process to parents.  Solid knowledge of this process will help parents form collaborative parent-professional relationships that are in the best interests of their children.  This handbook was designed to encourage positive communication between the school and home.  

It is our hope that parents will find this handbook informative and user-friendly.  The Handbook sections can be accessed below by clicking on the specific document links. 

The Special Education Handbook Committee

1 Throughout this handbook, the term “parent” refers to both parent or guardian.

2 The Norwalk Public Schools follows the Connecticut State Department of Education Guidelines.  These Guidelines are a part of this Handbook