English Language Learner Education

English Language Learner Education 

Welcome to the English Language Learner (ELL) Education Department.

The ELL Education Department is dedicated to ensuring that our English language learners throughout the district receive the best education possible. The ELL and general education teachers are working hard to create the same learning opportunities for our ELLs that are afforded all students in the district.

As of March 2019, we had over 1,900 ELLs throughout the district who speak a total of 35 languages and come from 41 countries. If you consider all the students in the district (ELLs and others), we speak a total of 59 languages and come from 68 countries. We are certainly a richly diverse and multi-cultural district!

If you are a new family in Norwalk and your children are English language learners, please contact Sharina Jimenez, Bilingual Parent Coordinator at 203-854-4091. She will orient you to our schools and help you with the registration process. Sharina will then direct you to our ELL Welcome Center located at City Hall, Room 320 (203-854-4093). At the Welcome Center, prospective ELLs are assessed for their language proficiency so that they can receive appropriate services on their way to becoming fluent in English.

Thanks for visiting our website. We are in the process of posting valuable resources for staff, students, and parents (see links on the left panel), so please check back often for updates and new information. 

Helene Becker

Instructional Specialist
English Language Learner (ELL) Education Department