NPS Mentor Program

NPS Mentor Program - One hour a week can change lives!

Established in 1986, the Norwalk Mentor Program was the first school-based mentoring program in the country.  The Program's original premise remains constant today - matching deserving students with positive adult role models can make a significant difference in the lives of those students served.  The Norwalk Mentor Program (NMP), a program of the Human Services Council in collaboration with the Norwalk Public Schools, coordinates a structured one-on-one relationship between a student and a caring adult volunteer.  This unique approach provides youth with an adult who can meet them for approximately one hour per week at school during the school year and engage in academic and/or social activities conducive to the school setting.  The mentor offers guidance, support, and encouragement aimed at developing the competence and character of the mentees.

 Mentees Often Experience Improved:

Academic performance
Attitudes towards schoolwork
Communication skills
Peer/family relationships
Classroom behavior
Ability to follow directions
Ability to say no to drugs and alcohol

Mentoring Benefits Employers and Employees

Employees who are mentors:

Improve their morale
Experience greater job satisfaction
Are willing to work longer hours
Are more appreciative of youth from diverse backgrounds
Are more loyal and have greater pride in their company
Feel better about themselves for having affected a child's life
Learn more about themselves
Are more patient
Increase their own sense of responsibility
Get along better with their own spouses, children and significant others
Accept more challenges at work and at home.

Mentoring Benefits Businesses

As if benefits to employees are not enough, businesses also benefit from mentoring. Companies have found that they have:

Improved their image in the community
Increased community awareness of their mission
Prepared the work force of the twenty-first century
Advanced their diversity goals

 A Connecticut Mentoring Partnership study of 500 mentors found:

95% were satisfied with the experience
99% believe their company should invest in youth (through future workforce)
89% said the mentoring program made them proud to work for their company
63% said they feel more productive at work after mentoring


For more information on the Norwalk Mentor Program or for an application, please contact:

Jasmine Prezzie, MSW
Director, Norwalk Mentor Program
Human Services Council
1 Park Street ∙ Norwalk, CT 06851
(203) 354-1956 ∙