Child Find


It is the obligation of the Norwalk Board of Education to ascertain whether a student has a disability that would entitle him/her to Section 504 coverage protection.

This is called Child Find.

Child Find means that the district must identify, locate, and conduct a free evaluation of a student who, because of a disability, needs or is believed to need special education or related services.

 Certain circumstances should trigger at least consideration that a student might be eligible for identification under Section 504.  Sometimes the referral may come from a parent or guardian, in which event the 504 team should convene to consider the parent’s or guardian’s referral.  However, the district has an obligation to initiate a 504 referral if there is reason to believe that the student may be eligible under Section 504.    Documentation from a parent is not required in order for a referral to be made to a 504 meeting.    It is, though, acceptable to tell parents that if they have any documentation, it is helpful for them to bring it to the first meeting.

The school nurse may also be an important team member who may be making referrals to the 504 team.

 A student may be receiving strategies and interventions prior to referral to a 504.  The fact that the student is receiving such interventions is not a reason to not refer, or to not accept a referral.  Further, those interventions need not stop during the 504 process.  The fact that a student is receiving good grades and achieving well academically is not a reason to not refer a student to a 504 meeting, or to not consider the student for 504 eligibility.