Board of Ed Approves 2019-20 Implementation Steps and Outcomes

Board of Ed Approves 2019-20 Implementation Steps and Outcomes
Posted on 09/19/2019
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Board of Education members and the District’s Senior Management Team met at the annual summer Board of Education retreat to discuss priority implementation steps and outcomes for the 2019-20 school year. Plans were determined based on the extended Strategic Operating Plan, which guides the overall goal of raising the bar and closing achievement gaps for all NPS students. The priority implementation steps and outcomes were voted on and approved during the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, September 17, 2019. 

For a printable PDF of the 2019-20 Priority Implementation Steps and Outcomes, click here. 

Raising the Bar/Closing the Gaps
Priority Implementation Steps for the 2019-20 SY 
1. Authorize and assist in a “Capacity and Coherence Review” by the Connecticut Center for School Change to assess the status of the Strategic Operating Plan, opportunities for future growth and suggestions for the next superintendent and Board to include capacity recommendations for central services and the organization of the Central Office. 
2. Implement Phase I of the Customer Service Plan. 
3. Implement Phase II of the G/T Redesign and the School-wide Enrichment Model with fulltime staff in Rowayton, Kendall and all 4 Middle Schools.  Continue Tracey and Cranbury SEM models.  Implement young scholars program for grades 1 and 2 in Kendall and Rowayton. 
4. Implement 2 Montessori Primary Level classrooms at Brookside School. 
5. Develop and implement a pilot program for Physical Education credit through sports based on State enabling regulations. 
6. Develop a plan to increase coaching and sponsorship of extra-curricular activities by faculty of Norwalk’s four high schools. 
7. Implement Step 1/Year 1 of the ‘Above the Bar’ redesign of Kendall Elementary School. 
8. Communicate, plan, schedule and budget for a later high school start time in the 2020-21 school year. 
9. Develop a plan for instructional improvement in two underperforming schools:  Cranbury Elementary School and Nathan Hale Middle School.  
10. Develop a plan to implement twice-yearly parent-teacher conferences for grades 6-8 in  2020-21. 
11. Implement Capstone Requirement for graduation and sequence of preparation in grades  9-10.  Develop Capstone course for grade 11 students.  Develop Capstone exam plans and protocols for each pathway to graduation. 
12. Implement first phase of recommendations of the Counseling Services Study Committee including the implementation of Student Success Plans and support for implementation of SEL and Executive Functioning training. 
13. Expand the required Summer Academy in Reading to Grade 7.  
14. Complete construction of new Lower School on the Ponus STEAM Campus; initiate renovation of Upper School. 
15. Initiate the Design Phase of Jefferson Elementary School ‘renovation as new’ as a neighborhood school. 
16. Initiate the RULER approach to social-emotional learning at Ponus, Kendall, Fox Run and Jefferson schools. 
17. Pilot family-style dining at Kendall and Tracey schools and the Montessori Primary classrooms at Brookside.  Expand ‘model lunch time’ environment to West Rocks and Tracey schools. 
18. Implement Phase II (second half) instructional support and resources to support the Next Generation Science Standards, using the Norwalk P3 Learning Model where the key processes of problem solving, design, and inquiry are used in problem-based learning. 
19. Enhance the Design of K-12 literacy with a focus on learner-centered strategies and enhanced opportunities and resources for critical reading, writing and thinking across all curricular areas. 
20. Complete a math curriculum audit and develop an instructional model with resources for 2020-21. 
21. Complete development of design specification for an Integrated Arts intra-district magnet school at Wolfpit; pilot integrated curricular modules. 
22. Implement 25-credit program of study at all high schools, 9-12.  Audit students on track for graduation in four or more years by grade and adjust staffing in alignment with student course-taking needs. 
23. Develop a plan for the implementation of American Sign Language pilot at the middle and high school for 2020-21. 
24. Conduct a comprehensive audit of Norwalk’s English Language Learner services and design programs based on the latest research and changing demographics.  This includes the expansion of the Dual Language program at Silvermine to the West Rocks Middle School campus.
25. Develop policies in the areas of minority recruitment, food charging and nepotism.  
26. Conduct an external review of Special Education Services to confirm accomplishment of CREC recommendations of 2015 and identify areas for future growth. 
27. Competitively bid the general school transportation contract with the goal of introducing “green busses” to reduce hydrocarbon admissions of diesel fuel.  In partnership with the City of Norwalk, plan a propane auto gas dispensing solution for propane powered IC Busses and identify the federal and state incentives available to the City and District under the Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA) and through DEEP.       
Raising the Bar/Closing the Gaps Priority Outcomes for the 2019-20 SY 
* Norwalk results available in late fall 
Rev. 090319 
1. Maintain the district Accountability Index Score on the Connecticut Next Generation Accountability Plan at or above the State Accountability Index.  The current State Index is 74.9.  The current Norwalk Index is 76.8. 
2.  Increase the percent of students in grades 3-8 achieving SBAC Level 3 and 4 in math by 1%.  Increase cohort gains between grades in math, as measured by percent at level 3 and 4, in at least 3 of 5 grade pairs.
3.  Increase the percent of students in grades 3-8 achieving SBAC levels 3 and 4 in ELA by 1%.  Increase cohort gains between grades in ELA, as measured by percent at levels 3 and 4, in at least 3 of 5 grade pairs. 
4. Increase the percentage of 8th grade students meeting college and career readiness expectations as measured by the NWEA – MAP and Lexile score.  The 2018-19 benchmarks are 64.8% and 71.8% respectively.
5. Maintain gap closure of the 4-year high school graduation rate and graduation rate of high needs students. 
6. Increase the percentage of Norwalk students in grades 3-10 who meet or exceed NWEA achievement norms.  The 2018-19 benchmark is 59.7% in ELA and 51.1% in Math. 
7.  Increase the average Norwalk SAT scores of 11th graders.  The current (2019) benchmark is 493 ELA and 480 Math.  Increase the percentage of students reaching the College/Career Readiness standard.  The current (2019) benchmark is 53.3% in ELA and 33.4% in Math. 
8. Increase the number and percentage of students taking Advance Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) exams.  Increase the percentage of AP Exams with passing scores (3 or higher) and the percentage of “passed” IB Exams.  *
9. Increase student performance on the assessment of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  The District baseline is ______. * 
10. Reduce chronic absenteeism (10 or more days) of NPS students.  The 2018-19 Benchmark for students is 11.9%.