School Assignments

School Assignments

The Norwalk Board of Education reserves the right to change school assignments.  Because of the complexity of the contents of school assignment guidelines, Norwalk Public Schools is not responsible to any outside party for damages or loss resulting from conclusions, assumptions, acts, determinations or decisions drawn from this information. 

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School Assignment by Street Name

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School assignments for pupils residing on the below streets are to be made by the District.  For more information, call 203-854-4081.

Ely Avenue (All house #'s except 261)Cranbury, Fox Run, Kendall,Marvin, Naramake, Rowayton,
Silvermine, Wolfpit 

Meadow Garden Apts (49 Meadow St)Cranbury, Marvin, Naramake, Silvermine, Wofpit, (Nathan Hale, West Rocks, NHS)

Monterey Village (133 Monterey Pl) Cranbury, Fox Run, Kendall, Naramake, Rowayton, Silvermine, Wolfpit

Roodner Court (261 Ely Av)Cranbury, Fox Run, Kendall, Marvi, Naramake, Rowayton, Silvermine Wolfpit 

South Main Street (All house #’s except noted otherwise):  Cranbury, Marvin, Naramake, Silvermine, Wolfpit, (Nathan Hale, West Rocks, NHS)  

St Paul's Terrrace:  Naramake, Wolfpit (Nathan Hale, NHS)



Secondary School assignments are based on the school feeder system:

 ELEMENTARY                          MIDDLE                                HIGH

Brookside                                   Roton                                     McMahon

Rowayton                                   Roton                                     McMahon

Fox Run                                      Ponus                                    McMahon

Jefferson                                    Ponus                                     McMahon

Kendall                                       Ponus                                     McMahon

Cranbury                                    West Rocks                            Norwalk

Silvermine                                  West Rocks                            Norwalk

Tracey                                        West Rocks                            Norwalk

Marvin                                        Nathan Hale                           Norwalk

Naramake                                  Nathan Hale                           Norwalk

Wolfpit                                        Nathan Hale                           Norwalk

Columbus                                   School of Residence              School of Residence