Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's


NPS Distance Learning Support 
ClassLink intro video (credit: NPS Teacher)
How to log into Classlink 
How to setup Account Self Management in ClassLink 
 ClassLink Resources - NPS Google login requ'd
 How to update my password
 Chromebook Did You Know..
 Log into NPS Google Account
 Chromebook Cart Wireless Connection Help
 View a document Shared in my NPS Google Account
How to Fix/Set Time Zone in Outlook365 
 How to Create a Contact List using the Outlook Client
 How to Create a Contact List using Outlook on the Web
 How do I turn off "Conversation Mode" in Outlook web email
 Setting up Phone and Computer
 Disable Pop Up Blockers

 Connect to Wireless
 Accessing Network Drive and Personal Documents

 I forgot my password...
please have your office staff submit an IT request with your NPS information requesting a password reset; your office staff will receive the work order response with your password reset information.
Student passwords will no longer be reset over the phone. Requests called into the Help Desk will be accepted and a ticket will be generated in the SYAM ticketing system. The requestor will receive notification of the reset password from the SYAM system.