Teachers: Here is an annotated list of websites to assist you in working with ELLs.  You will find lesson ideas, strategies, practice activities for your students, and information about their languages and cultures.

A bilingual site (English/Spanish) for families and
educators of English language learners -
a wealth of articles and information!

Snapshots of countries and cultures around the world
 (Southern Connecticut State University Traning for all
Teachers program)                                

Unedited "sheltered" lesson plans
(teachers in the Southern Connecticut State University Training for All Teachers program)

       Multicultural Book    
Multicultural book suggestions by age (M. Ferraro. 2014)
Sounds of animals, sports, nature, etc.

Great activities, worksheets, puzzles,songs, letters of the alphabet, sight words, math, etc. 

Books in many languages - kids can access from home

Great activities for high school students and parents who want to practice English
Online English lessons for high school students and parents who want to practice English.

Printable books, grades K-1; some in Spanish

Multiple choice vocabulary practice - difficulty increases
as you get correct answers


Glossaries in many languages for many subjects

Learn about the different cultures of your students


Articles and activities for teaching high school students

            List of SIOP strategies by category with many
links to videos and/or print sites that 
explain strategies

ELL games, vocabulary practice, worksheets, etc.

Useful exit slip templates 
Useful exit slip templates