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Brien McMahon Graduate Leads Fashion Design Workshop for Roton Middle School Students

Brien McMahon Graduate Leads Fashion Design Workshop for Roton Middle School Students
NPS Communications

The next generation of top stylists and designers may currently sit in the classrooms of Roton Middle School. Roton students interested in the fashion industry participated in a one-week, after-school fashion and design workshop in April led by Hollywood creative director and fashion stylist Darryl Glover, a former graduate of Brien McMahon High School. 

Glover, who has worked with big name celebrities such as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé, first visited the middle school in February for a school assembly celebrating Black History Month. An ad hoc professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Glover discussed the importance of creative arts instruction and shared milestone moments in his own life that took him from Norwalk to Hollywood.

In early April, Glover returned to work with students who expressed an interest in learning more about the fashion and design industries. Students were introduced to the world of Fashion Styling, learning the categories of fashion styling, the roles and responsibilities of a fashion stylist and the tips and tricks of the trade.

As a celebrated Celebrity Stylist and Creative Director for Young Hollywood, Glover was excited to return to education with his expansive network that he uses to champion creative arts education. His personal belief is exposure begets achievement. He firmly believes that, “Students can’t be what they don’t see.” He is devoted to bridging the gap between education and entertainment.

Glover provided a Style “U” workbook that helped students in the workshop understand their own sense of style, identify body types and measurements, and learn the essentials of their trade. The workshop also emphasized the importance of mood boards and the types of fashion styling from commercial to runway, all the way to the red carpet.

For their final project, presented on the last day of the workshop, the students assumed the role of fashion stylist and/or designer and prepared a pitch to a client of their choice. The clients ranged from “Deja Vu” singer Olivia Rodrigo with designs for her next red carpet appearance to “Wednesday” actress Jenna Ortega and a possible collaboration with Converse.

The goal of the workshop was to introduce students to one of the many creative career options available after graduation. Students walked away with skills and resources to continue exploring available careers in the fashion industry as well as partnerships with industry professionals.

Glover recently launched the non-profit initiative, That Day in August, which hopes to bring Creative Entrepreneurs into school districts to expose the creative arts as a career option to underserved students in grades K-12. Glover is committed to using his platform to make a difference.

More About Darryl Glover: Darryl Glover’s journey began at the New York Opera where he was introduced to the craft of storytelling through costume design. His meticulous attention to detail laid the foundation for his remarkable career. Shortly after his creative start, he ventured into the dynamic realm of editorial styling and creative direction, leaving an indelible mark on publications from Vogue and Instyle to VIBE and Honey Magazine. Each project pushed the boundaries of storytelling with clothing, earning recognition and respect from his industry peers.