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Concord 6th Grader Competes at Invention Convention Nationals

Concord 6th Grader Competes at Invention Convention Nationals
Emily Morgan

Congratulations to Ishnoor Kaur, a 6th grader at Concord Magnet School, who competed last week in the Invention Convention Nationals. She traveled to the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan with Gifted & Talented teacher Nicki Gotouhidis to present her project, the Baby Fall Shield 3.0.

Ishnoor Kaur’s invention journey started in fourth grade. She had recently moved to Norwalk from India and joined Marvin Elementary School’s Invention Convention that same year. She invented the Baby Fall Shield, which alerted caregivers if a child is attempting to climb out of their crib. She based her invention on personal experience, having fallen from her crib when she was a baby, which caused her to fracture her arm.

The following year, Ishnoor again joined Marvin Elementary’s Invention Convention, this time with her improved Baby Fall Shield 2.0. Her innovated version earned her a spot at the CT Invention Convention Finals, where she competed amongst the top inventors in the state. There, Ishnoor received the prestigious invitation to the Invention Convention Nationals, held at the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan.

Ishnoor, now a sixth grader, continued to innovate her prototype, which now includes wireless features and presented her Baby Fall Shield 3.0 at the national event in June 2024. When asked about her experience, Ishnoor said, “I had to innovate and improve my invention a lot to make it better. It was a fun experience from which I learned a lot.”