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NICE Educational Programs Promote Cross-Cultural Development and Engagement

NICE Educational Programs Promote Cross-Cultural Development and Engagement
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A generous grant through the Nellie Mae Education Foundation is helping Norwalk Public Schools promote cross-cultural development and engagement in 13 of our elementary and middle schools through educational programs provided by Norwalk International Cultural Exchange (NICE).

The Multilingual Learning Department in collaboration with the Curriculum Department was awarded the Lifting Literacy Through the Performing Arts Grant for $25,000, which afforded the district the opportunity to offer a variety of multicultural performances, learning experiences and exposure to different cultures.

The MLL Department collaborated with NICE to bring in performances that celebrate the rich linguistic diversity that bilingual and multilingual individuals bring to our communities, schools, and workplaces.

Norwalk NICE is an organization that unites performers from various backgrounds and talents and assembles them to provide students and families with an authentically diverse experience. These experiences include performances that promote a variety of languages being used, history lessons and exposure to other cultures and traditions. Students interact with the history and music in a fun and engaging manner.

Performances are 45 minutes with 7 to 10 minutes at the end for questions and answers.  Students can submit questions prior to the performance, or it can be an open Q&A session allowing for four to five questions.

The NICE Education Enrichment Program has included the following performances: 

  • Traditional Puerto Rican Bomba and Plena
  • Caribbean Steel Pan and Folklore
  • Indian Bollywood Style
  • Mexican Folkloric with Flamenco appearance
  • Chinese Traditional Dance