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NPS Celebrates Pareducator Appreciation Week

NPS Celebrates Pareducator Appreciation Week
NPS Communications

Norwalk Public Schools celebrates Paraeducator Appreciation Week! We want to thank all our incredible paraeducators across the district who play an integral role in student achievement and provide the necessary learning supports for our students to thrive.

Hope Wyatt, administrative secretary at Ponus Ridge STEAM Academy, and her fellow Norwalk Public Schools paraeducators proudly represented the district at Gov. Ned Lamont’s proclamation signing for Pareducator Appreciation Week in the State of Connecticut on April 3.

Paraeducator Appreciation Week is celebrated the first week in April and recognizes the vital role that paraeducators play in ensuring educational success for all students. Read the governor's complete proclamation below:

State of Connecticut

By His Excellency Ned Lamont, Governor: an

Official Statement

  • WHEREAS, Connecticut is home to more than 14,000 paraeducators, who provide indispensable services in multiple scholastic settings -- including instruction support, student activities, and numerous other divisions of responsibility that contribute to education success; and
  • WHEREAS, the support and services provided by paraeducators are integral to student achievement and learning efficacy across Connecticut's school systems; and
  • WHEREAS, paraeducators in Connecticut undergo a significant amount of training in order to gain the professional expertise to deliver direct services to children in our schools -- providing students with the necessary learning supports to thrive in an academic environment; and
  • WHEREAS, the role of paraeducator professionals is critically important for students who are differently-abled and those who struggle with learning disabilities -- often collaborating with special needs teachers to ensure equality of learning for all children; and
  • WHEREAS, the State of Connecticut and the Connecticut State Department of Education are firmly committed to excellence in education, and recognize the vital role that paraeducators play in ensuring educational success; now
  • THEREFORE, I, Ned Lamont, Governor of the State of Connecticut, do hereby officially proclaim the week of March 31st -- April 6th, 2024, to be


in the State of Connecticut