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Safety Task Force

In November, NPS Superintendent Dr. Estrella formed a Districtwide Safety and Security Task Force to review and make recommendations to the Board of Ed. The NPS Safety and Security Task Force will play a critical role in helping to update and develop our plans, which will be presented to the Board of Education in early spring. The task force’s work will include proposing revisions to the current NPS Code of Conduct and other policies, as well as recommending improvements to practices that keep students and staff safe.

Members of the task force represent a variety of key stakeholders, both internal and external. The group met in person beginning December 1, and will continue meeting twice a month through the spring. A full list of task force members is available below.  


Name Title
Dr. Alexandra Estrella Superintendent
Dr. Thomas McBryde Jr. Deputy Superintendent
Godfrey Azima Board of Education Representative
Kara Nelson Baekey Board of Education Representative
Beverly Boyd HS Teacher, Brien McMahon
Greg Burnett NAACP Representative
Lissette Colon Director of Human Resources
John Cross Athletic Director and Teacher, Brien McMahon
Lamond Daniels Chief of Community Service, City of Norwalk 
Jules Douge ES Instructon Leadership SEL, Kendall Elementary Social Worker
Jay Getner Coordinator of Juvenile Justice & Prevention Programs, City of Norwalk 
Sandra Faioes Assistant Superintendent of Business & Operations
Ryan Harold Safety & Security Supervisor
Sandra Kase Executive Director of Leadership Development
Damon Lewis Principal, Ponus Ridge Middle School 
Douglas Marchetti Athletic Director and Teacher, Norwalk High
Lynne Moore NASA President
Sue-Ellen O'Shea Principal, Marvin Elementary 
Janine Randolph Board of Education Representative
Mary-Anne Sheppard Executive Director of Leadership Development
David Walenczyk Director of Youth Services, City of Norwalk
James Walsh Deputy Chief, Norwalk Police Department
Roger White Interim Expulsion & Superintendent Hearing Officer
Brenda Wilcox Williams Chief of Staff & Communications
Hope Wyatt Norwalk Federation of Education Professionals President
Mary Yordon Norwalk Federation of Teachers President