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Multilingual Learners

The Office of Multilingual Learners (MLL) is dedicated to ensuring that our multilingual learners throughout the district receive the best education possible.

Under the leadership of Ms. Frances Saez, the Office of Multilingual Learners works with approximately 2,400 Multilingual Learners who represent more than 41 countries and speak more than 32 languages. Once a child is determined to be a Multilingual Learner, the parent or guardian can choose between three different programs that would best meet their child's needs and learning style. The Office of Multilingual Learners is a full service department. Our work includes:

  • Programming and services for Multilingual Learners and support multilingual families navigate the enrollment process.
  • Working with administrators and teachers in all Norwalk Public Schools to ensure that Multilingual Learners (MLLs) receive the necessary language acquisition support.
  • Supporting schools through school-wide visits, provide learning opportunities and coaching sessions.
  • Overseeing district-wide MLL compliance reports and providing instructional resources to teachers and parents engaging in collaborative initiatives throughout the city of Norwalk to best serve our students and families.

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