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Student Registration

Welcome to Norwalk Public Schools!

We look forward to you and your family joining our community soon. Use the navigation menu to the left or scroll below to find more information about how to register an incoming kindergarten, how to register a new student to the district, homebound instruction, or intra-district transfers.

If you'd like more information about intra-district transfers (transferring from one school to another), please click here.

The NPS School Choice page also provides families with more information about each of our 22 schools and our wide variety of magnet schools and programs available in the district. 

Kindergarten Registration

Learn more about what you and your child can expect in our kindergarten classrooms and what documentation you will need to register.

New Student Registration

Learn more about the registration process and what documentation is needed.

Homebound Registration

Learn more about if your child qualifies for homebound instruction and how that determination is made.

Intra-District Transfers

Learn more about if you're interested in transferring your child to another school in the district.

Pre-K Application

Learn more about the pre-K programs in Norwalk Public School and find out how to apply.

NPS School Choice (Lotteries)

Learn more about the district's school choice lottery system and what each of our schools has to offer your child.