2021 School Facilities Plan

Facilities Review Looks To The Future Of NPS

Learning Environments

As we develop the new Strategic Plan to help ensure that all students leave grade 12 ready for future college or career success, NPS understands the need to analyze and address the current state of our facilities and buildings.

´╗┐To help support the various educational models and diverse learning taking place throughout the district, NPS engaged Newman Architects and DLR Group in early January 2021. The group has worked to complete a comprehensive overview of the physical assessment of each one of our buildings, and the learning environments within.
Representatives from Newman Architects & DLR Group shared insight regarding data collected from walkthroughs, co-labs and focus groups with students, parents and staff members. The group gathered “day-in-the-life” input regarding space, activities, culture and context, furniture, safety and security. Flexible seating options, open concept spaces, indoor environment quality, technology integration, and sustainability were also a focus.