Strategic Operating Plan 2021 Underway

Strategic Plan Development 2021 Now Underway
Posted on 01/21/2021

Norwalk Public Schools has kicked off planning and development for the districts new Strategic Plan. The development of the Strategic Plan represents months of work from a wide variety of stakeholders, including input from the district’s senior management team and school administrators, as well as teachers, staff, parents, students, community leaders and funders. The plan will help ensure that all students leave Grade 12 ready for future academic or work success.

To help guide the discussion and move the Strategic Plan forward, NPS Superintendent Dr. Alexandra Estrella convened a Strategic Plan task force earlier this month. The task force includes teachers, principals, administrators and community leaders. Led by Richard Lemons of the Connecticut Center for School Change (CCSC), the group will work together to discuss the district’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The task force will meet weekly for the remainder of January and biweekly in February and beyond. For a list of task force members click here.

Norwalk Public Schools is also finalizing a NPS Strategic Plan Advisory Council. The advisory group will represent a wide variety of voices from throughout the community.

Focus groups for principals, assistant principals/CISDs, teachers, students and union leaders are already underway. Public information sessions to review Strategic Plan progress and strategies will begin in early February.

Earlier in the school year, Norwalk Public Schools engaged the Connecticut Center for School Change to conduct a Capacity and Coherence review. The primary purpose of this work is to identify the district’s current assets, as well as potential areas for further development. It will include an analysis of important systems, organizational structures and processes.  The Center’s final report will be used as another point of input to help guide the continuous improvement work of the district.

In addition to the Capacity and Coherence review, Norwalk Public Schools has embarked on several initiatives to gather research and data to help better understand the needs of the district moving forward including engaged in several initiatives, including an Equity in Education initiative to further affirm our commitment to Norwalk’s diverse community. There will also be a review of Human Resources and talent management function. To address the infrastructure of our schools, a comprehensive facilities study is underway, as well as a Special Education review to ensure the needs of students with disabilities are being met.